What are the aims and objectives of scientific management?


Aims and objectives of scientific management:

1. To determine industrial and market trends:

Industrial and market trends help and assure continuous operations and employment-the essential for the sustenance of any enterprise.


2. As a result of determination of industrial and market trends planned and balanced operations in an enterprise will assure continuous employment to the employees.

3. To obtain better gains for the concern and its employees:

Minimizing wastes while employing scientific techniques and getting productive use of human resources and material results in increased profits for the concern which they willingly share with their employees by way of enhanced wages to them.

4. To improve the living standard of workers:


Enhanced income to the workers leads to improvement in their standard of living.

5. To provide better contentment and a happier life for workers:

As a result of the increased income and their improved standard of living, this takes away all aching factors from their minds and they come to lead a better contented and happier life.

6. To render employees satisfactory conditions for work:


It is the objective of scientific management to left the employees feel satisfied and at ease so far as the conditions of their work is concerned.

7. To provide highest opportunity for ivorker’s employment and advancement:

Scientific management through its ‘Job analysis’ techniques offers the highest opportunity to an individual, depending on individual’s capacity, for employment and advancement through training and development.

8. To motivate workers for promotion to higher positions:


With the systematic training and methodical instructions that help the development of new and higher capacities, the scientific management motivates and creates, an urge within the worker’s minds for reaching the higher ladder and promotion.

9. To generate self-reliance and self-respect in workers:

With methodical job specifications and know-how techniques, the scientific management helps generating feelings of self reliance and self-respect in the workers.

10. To develop personality, attitudes and behavior of workers:


An atmosphere charged with research and evaluation free from any authority pressures as provided by scientific management helps in the development of their personality attitudes and behaviors.

11. To build workers’ character:

Scientific management relies on the golden principle ‘Work is worship’ and through this impresses workers to build their character through their proper work performance.

12. To promote equity and justice:

Scientific management aims at promoting an equitable and a fair treatment in wages and other things to all irrespective of any favor of fear.

13. To create atmosphere of amity and mutual cooperation:

Scientific management’s endeavor is ever directed to eliminate elements of friction and discord and bring about an atmosphere of amity, mutual cooperation and understanding in a given situation.

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