Behavioral approach of management:

Behavioural approach is an extension of the Human Relations School advanced by Abraham Maslow, who presented a theory of individual needs. The basic aim of this approach is to increase the organizational effectiveness by increasing the effectiveness of its human resources, which could be achieved by properly taking care of human needs.

The human needs could be physiological or psychological. According to Maslow, these needs fall into a hierarchy. At the bottom of this hierarchy are the lower level needs such as physical and safety needs.

At the top are higher level needs such as need for respect and self-fulfillment. In general, the lower level needs must be satisfied before higher level needs arise.


Being aware of these needs enables a manager to use different methods to motivate worker. This is important due to complexity of man’s nature. Different people will react differently to the same situation, or, their reaction may be similar to different situations. Hence the management must be aware of these differences and react accordingly.