The following were the main conclusions drawn by Prof. Mayo on the basis of Hawthorne studies:

1. Social Unit:

A factory is not only a tech no-economic unit, but also a social unit. Men are social beings. These social characteristics at work play an important role in motivating people. The output increased in Relay Room due to effectively functioning of social group with a warm relationship with its supervisors.

2. Group Influence:

The workers in a group develop a common psychological bond uniting them as a group in the form of informal organisation. Their behaviour is influenced by these groups. Pressure of a group, rather than management demands, frequently had the strongest influence on how productive workers would be.

3. Group Behaviour:

Management must understand that typical group behaviour can dominate or even supersede individual propensities.

4. Motivation:


Human and social motivation can play even a greater role than mere monetary incentives in moving or motivating and managing employee groups.

5. Supervision:

The style of supervision affects worker’s attitude to work and his productivity. A supervisor who is friendly with his workers and takes interest in their social problems can get co-operation and better results from the subordinates.

6. Working Conditions:

Productivity increases as a result of improved working conditions in the organisation.

7. Employee Morale:

Mayo pointed out that workers were not simply cog in the machinery, instead the employee morale (both individual and in groups) can have profound effects on productivity.

8. Communication:


Experiments have shown that the output increases when workers are explained the logic behind various decisions and their participation in decision making brings better results.

9. Balanced Approach:

The problem of workers could not be solved by taking one factor i.e. management could not achieve the results by emphasising one aspect. All the things should be discussed and decision be taken for improving the whole situation. A balanced approach to the whole situation can show better results.