7 main benefits of managerial development programmes given by William Glueck are:

Some of these benefits are summarized below by William Glueck:-

1. To strengthen the relationship between the individual and the organisation:

A good development programme build up a bond between the individual and the organisation as the individual appreciates the organisation’s concern for his growth and progress. This increases a link between the individual goals and the organisational goals which are both achieved at the same time.


2. To help individuals to realize their potential:

A good development programme makes provisions for advancement on the corporate leader with positions of increasing challenge thus realising the manager’s potential to the most. This also results in high degree of loyalty and commitment.

3. To reduce managerial and professional obsolescence:

There is always a pool of trained managers to fill in whenever the need arises. The managers are less likely to change careers when they are satisfied with the degree of achievement.


4. To aid affirmative action and provide equal opportunities to all:

A good a development programme makes it easier for .previously discriminated minorities like women and certain ethnic groups, to advance into higher level positions.

5. To demonstrate social responsibility:

The socio-psychology of human behaviour has established that people with satisfying and challenging careers enjoy a better family and community life. In this way the organisation is fulfilling its social responsibility by contributing to the community welfare.


6. To encourage the long-range outlook:

The career development programmes are all designed to retain the managerial personnel for a long period of time. A today’s junior manager may be groomed for a senior executive position in 15-20 years through assignments of various increasing responsibilities. This helps the organisation realize the long range benefits of programmes.

7. Creation of a reserve of managerial skills:

A ready set-of staff to replace retiring managers.