7 different meaning of management:

From the above definitions, we can draw the following meaning of management:-

1. Human effort is consolidated and put to use to achieve pre-determined goals.

2. Management is an art of getting things done by satisfying the entire persons involved in the process.


3. The process of management consists of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling functions.

4. It implies the maximum use of available resources.

5. Management is a art as well as science. It is an art as it brings about a desired result through the application of skill. It is science, because it involves new knowledge, which is systematized through the application of scientific method.

6. It is intangible, the unseen force. Its presence is evidenced by the results of its efforts.


7. Management is universal in character. In addition to acting as a problem solving tool, it should look into the problems of the society surrounded by it.