5 important methods for improving your presentation


5 methods of Information on presentation techniques

These are primarily the classroom teaching type and the idea is for the instructor to teach the trainees attitudes, concepts or skills.

i. Lecture:


A lecture simply means a teacher explaining with little opportunity for learner involvement and the trainee assumes a passive role. Its major advantage is that large amounts of material can be presented in a short time period. Most lectures do provide for asking questions-and discussion.

ii. Conference method:

This is similar to a seminar where the approach stresses the importance of the active involvement of participants and every participant is encouraged to initiate ideas relevant to the central topic. The objective is to develop problem-solving and decision-making capabilities and to modify an individual’s attitude.

iii. Programmed learning:


The programmed Learning (PL) is self paced a uses a teaching machine or a computer. The topic to be learned is broken down into a series of steps and the participants acquire knowledge in a step-by-step manner. At each learning step, the participant prepares a response to a given question and receives a feedback as to the correctness of the response.

iv. An extension of the programmed instruction is the Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI):

In this type of instruction, the individual interacts with the computer in order to assess the learning progress. All answers are pre-programmed into the computer so that the participants can check their answer for accuracy.

v. Audio-visual methods:


Most applications involve recording of an event on a video tape which is played back to the participants for the learning process. A number of highly professional films along with audio equipment such as cassettes have been developed to train employees in a wide range of technical and interpersonal skills.

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