There are certain factors or circumstances which help the process of control.

1. A good Organisation Structure:

Where the lines of authority tasks and duties are clearly laid down, control becomes easier.

2. Clear out Objectives and Policies:


Similarly if goals and targets are determined in specific terms so that they are understood by subordinates at the lower levels, the need for control becomes less.

3. Standard Operating Procedures:

The ways of doing things, such as keeping of account books, ordering materials, requisitions for supplies, etc – facilitate the process of control to a great extent.

4. Communication Up and Down:


Facilitates at quick communication, both upwards and downwards, help the detection of defects and the prompt adoption of remedial measures. A properly maintained Management Information System is one of the best aids to control.

5. Budgetary System:

Comprehensive, systematic budgets by keeping expenditures within limits contribute greatly to the success of control and facilitate delegation which is the foundation of management in action.