3 important Jobs of Management:

As management has become an important factor in the success of economics, its application has sprawled too many disciplines. Increase in production and human satisfaction has become the achievable goals of management in this context. Peter Drucker stresses three important jobs of management, namely:

1. Managing a business

2. Managing managers and


3. Managing workers and work.

Managing a Business:

Good management must enable the success of the business. Success of business depends on adaptation to the economic changes. “But managing goes way beyond passive reaction and adaptation.

It implies responsibility attempting to shape the economic environment, for planning, initiating and carrying through changes in the economic environment for the constantly pushing back the limitations of economic circumstances on the enterprises freedom of action. What is desirable in the interest of the enterprise is the other.


And while man can never really ‘master’ his environment while he is always held within a tight rope of possibilities it is management’s specific job to make what is desirable first possible and then actual.

Management is not just a creature of the economy; it is a creator as well. And only to the extent to which it masters the economic circumstances, and alters them by conscious, directed action, does it really manage. To manage a business means therefore, to manage by objectives”.

Managing Managers:

Available material and human resources must be fully used to increase productivity. This function, Drucker says, is the function of managing manager. Man can control all other non-human resources.


Drucker then says that, “What is needed is a transmutation of the resources. And this cannot come from an in animate resource such as capital. It requires manager”. Hence organizations have to spend heavily on managers.

They are considered to be costlier than other factors of production. But Drucker insists on such investment. He says that “even if the actual figure were only a fraction, it would be high enough to make certain that the investment in managers, though of course, never shown on the books, out weights the investment in every other resource in practically all businesses.

To utilize this investment, as fully as possible is therefore a major requirement of managing a business. To manage managers is therefore to make resources productive by making an enterprise out of them. And management is so complex and multifaceted a thing, even

Managing Workers and Work:


This implies the organization of work suitable to man and to make the man suitable to the work. Right type of people must be assigned to the right job. They must be in need of motivation, participation, satisfaction, incentives and rewards, leadership, status and function. Drucker views that it is management, and management alone, that can satisfy these requirements.