12 important features of Quality Circles are as follows:

1. Small group of employees say 5 to 10 from the circle.

2. Homogeneous group, not an inter-departmental or inter-disciplinary one. Designations may differ, but work engagement should be common.

3. Voluntary participation, no coercion or pressure on membership. Everybody participates and contributes in the process of decision making.


4. QCs should meet for about an hour every week. Too long intervals are not recommended. Regularity is of great importance.

5. Here problems are chosen, not given. Members are responsible for identification of a problem and implementation of the solution

6. Since the work is related to quality, productivity cost reduction safety etc. the total performance of the organisation improves.

7. Decision by consensus, not be majority.


8. Performance oriented, not problem focused.

9. Bottom-up approach.

10. Management blessed, not management directed

11. Aims at the quality of work life


12. Does not replace or substitute any of the systems or structure.