10 main Benefits of Good Organisation


10 main Benefits of Good Organisation

There are numerous benefits of organizing. That Important include:

1. Clarity of Functions in a Well Defined Assignment:


An effective organisation while well defining the assignment of each individual member working within an organization structure, clarifies what particular activities he has to perform within his given assignment. This enables him to perform his job devotedly and efficiently in fulfillment of his pre­determined goals.

This avoids any chances of misunderstanding, conflict or confusion’ that arise between individuals over matters concerned with jurisdiction.

2. Establishing Co-operative working Relationships:

Organising, while establishing cooperative working relationships- between different segments of the organisation structure, within jobs and positions, between individuals and work groups and the like, promises smoothness and efficiency in the working.


Every member knows how he is placed in the organisation set-up. There comes a feeling of freedom in working. There is established good relationship between the job and the person doing it.

Each person works best with others when he knows, for what he is responsible, to whom he is responsible and realizes the values of co-operative relationships with others. With the responsibilities well-defined and made known to the persons and with the practicing of delegation, there comes feeling of freedom.

3. Best use of Human and Physical Resources:

Organising helps making best use of available human resources and physical resources in an enterprise.


4. Avoidance of Overlapping and Duplication:

Good organizing avoids overlapping and duplication of works in an enterprise.

5. Communication Rendered Effective:

It is through organizing that communication is rendered easier and more efficient.


6. Balancing of workloads:

Organising helps considerably in balancing workloads in an undertaking.

7. Assimilation of changes:

Good organiation is competent to assimilate changes due to my environmental factors in the structure.


8. Opening up of Promotional Avenues:

Organizing helps opening up promotional avenues useful for executive development.

Organisation charts and position, descriptions as provided by organising points to the position he can reach within the desired qualifications.

Organising also tells if any training is needed to reach a superior position.

9. Basis for Appraisal and Rating:

Organising provides a sound basis for appraisal and rating of individual performance and capabilities. With self-appraisal an individual’s is able to judge for himself how he is doing and whether he is coming up to the mark according to his job requirements.

10. Aids, Wage, compensation and salary Administration:

Organising is a sure aid for wage compensation mid salary administration.

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