With due respect I want to state that I have fined Rs 100 for being late I understand that this was against the discipline of the school. But sometimes such situation appears that we are helpless. This was what happened with me yesterday.

I left for school on my bicycle as usual. Near the railway over bridge when I was crossing the road, I saw an old man was lying unconscious on the road. There were scratches on his limbs. It seemed people were in a hurry. Nobody had time to attend to the old man. I got down my bicycle and hired an auto rickshaw. I took the old man to a nearby nursing home where he received medical aid. The nursing staff told me that he was hit by some vehicle and there were minor injuries. There was nothing to be worried about. Being assured of his condition, I rushed to school. As we have been taught that helping an old should always be our priority. I followed this. Hence I got late. Mr. Mohanty did not listen to me and fined Rs. 100/-.

I, therefore, request you to kindly order the withdrawal of the fine in view of the circumstances that appeared. I would like to bring to your notice that I have always been very regular and punctual. I strictly follow the discipline of the school.


Thanking you,