Write an application to the Manager of the school for the post of a teacher at the Public Junior High School advertised yesterday in the Northern India Patrika


The Manager

Public Junior High School



Subject : Application for the post of a teacher.


With reference to the advertisement published in the Northern In­dia Patrika dated 9th June, 2002 for the post of teacher in your school, I beg to offer my services for the same.

If I am given the chance. I shall try my best to satisfy you with my work and conduct.



1: Name Anil Kumar

2. Date of Birth Twenty Years

3. Address 48 Dasna Gate, Ghaziabad.


4. Qualification (i) High School 1st Division in 1998

(ii) B.T.C. 1st Division in 1999

5. Activities Interested in games and won many prizes.

6. Physique Stout and healthy, good looking and smart.


Hoping for a favourable reply,

Dated : 10th June 2001

Yours faithfully

Ajay Kumar Sharma.

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