Write a letter your mother explaining the reasons for your poor performance in the Half Yearly Examination


My dear Mom,

Thanks for your recent letter giving news about the well-being of all the family members. I wonder how you manage to spare time to write from your extremely busy routine.

Mom, I must share your concern on account of my poor performance in some subjects during the Half Yearly Examination. I also know fully well how hard dear Papa is working to earn for our education and run the house. Performing poorly in the examination is like shattering your long-cherished dreams, for which I must express my regrets and feel sincerely repentant.


But my dear Mom, you will agree with me that this is not on account of my carelessness or negligence. It has some definite reasons that include my late admission, late arrival of text-books and my having been down with fever for a week soon before the exam.

I assure you to do better in future and never give you a chance to think that your daughter is not doing her duty whole­heartedly.

With regards to best wishes to uncle and aunt.

Yours affectionately,

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