Write a letter to your younger brother who failed in his examination

My dear Name,

I am greatly shocked to go through your Progress Report Card received the other day. You have failed almost in all the subjects. This is a matter of utmost shame and regret.

I have never expected such a bad performance from you. What has gone wrong? You are so intelligent and hardworking. Perhaps it is lack of responsibility on your part. From this report, one can infer that you are not paying due attention to your studies.


Last Sunday, your class teacher Mr. Gupta met me in the Company Garden. He told me that you have become a drug-addict. You often bunk classes and loiter around. This does not be hove you. You should not waste your precious time.

You are a good boy. I hope you will mend your ways and be serious about your studies. I advise you to give me no chance of complaint.

With love.

Yours affectionately,