18 Kasturba Gandhi Marg

New Delhi

26th Mar., 2

My dear Sunil,


I hope you must be enjoying well there. In every letter, I advise you to give more time to your studies.

But I am shocked to receive your monthly report from your school. There is no progress this month.

It is as much as it was last month. So I again advise and suggest you to give attention to your studies. We have high hopes from you.

Do not waste time for nothing. Play at the time of play, study at the time of studies. Add more hours to your study time table.


There in hos­tel you need not worry about anything. You are away from all the cares of the family. Please give us what we expect from you.

Your final ex­amination is near at hand I hope you to do fairly well in the final exami­nation I have decided to give you a gift of your choice on getting first division.

Love from father and mother. Regard from Atul and Shivani.

Your brother,


Ram Lai