Write a letter to your neighbor about the nuisance of his dog


30 A, Kamla Nagar, Delhi

13th January, 2……

My dear Mr. Aggarwal,


This is just to draw your kind attention to the inconvenience expe­rienced by your neighbours on account of your pet dog.

A few days back it pounced upon my younger son when he was playing in front of the house. Yesterday, as I stepped out of my house, it rushed at me. Fortunately, I closed the gate in time to keep it away.

I do not have any objection in keeping a pet dog ; you have every right to keep it. But I do feel that as a good neighbour as well as the member of a civilized society, it is also your duty that your pet dog may not be a source of trouble for others.

I would request you to keep it in chain during daytime so that any untoward incidence may not happen.


I hope you will not take it otherwise and will take them in the spirit they are written.

With kind regards.

Yours truly,

Rajeev Gupta.

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