My dear Grandfather,

Busy as I am with my studies, I remember your birthday. Accept my hearty congratulations on your being an octogenarian.

You belong to a generation which is remarkable for robust health. What is the secret of your enviable health and long life? The physical exercise you take every day, and your freedom from harmful habits are only part of the answer. I know that you had to struggle against heavy odds which would have prematurely aged any other person. I think that what mainly enabled you to weather and survive the storms and crises of your life is an inner strength, an imperturbable serenity, which you have inherited from your ancestors and Indian tradition in general.

You hardly have gray hair in your head. Though you are eighty years old, you are spiritually young. I admire your varied interests, constant cheerfulness, and incurable optimism.


Wishing you many happy returns of the day.

Your loving grandson,