Write a letter to your friend who is sick and is an indoor patient in a hospital


My dear Santosh,

For quite sometime you had not been coming to school but, I did not know that you were taken ill. Quite a few times I asked your brother why you were absent from school and he just very casually told me that you were not well, so, I did not care about it all. Today when I asked your brother he told me that you have been hospitalised for the last two days. Hearing this I got upset and here I write this letter to you hoping that, on reading it you will cheer up.

Dear friend brave as you are do not lose heart or get upset I am sure you will be out of the hospital very soon and be with us again. Do not worry about your studies, I will be maintaining record of all that your class does in your absence, and even take the notes from your class boys. Within a day or two I will come to see you at the hospital, and I am sure by then you will have mostly recovered. Keep heart friend, these ups and downs are what life is made of. Cheer up, I know you are very brave and will be able to encounter this attack with the spirit of a brave person. I will also pray to God to help you recover and also to grant you strength to bear it all. Take rest and take care and keep heart. I will come to see you very soon.


Till then best wishes and good cheer dear. With love and best wishes

Your friend


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