Write a letter to your friend sympathizing with him on his fail­ure in the Higher Secondary Examination


20, Mahanagar


26th May, 2


My dear Raju,

The news of you failure in the Higher Secondary School Examina­tion came to me as a bolt from blue.

The sad news shocked my heart. Friend, what has happened, contrary to my hope. I was sure of your grand success. It is indeed a pity that you have failed inspite of hard work.

An examination is not a sure test of one’s ability. Much depends on the whims of examiners. So you should not take your failure to heart.


Grid up your loins and begin to study whole-heartedly. You should try to turn your failure to good account.

I deeply sympathies with you on your failure. I hope you will pass your examination with credit next year.

I am

Yours most sincerely,



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