20, Landore Bazar


26th June, 2 1

My dear Rohan,


I received your letter yesterday. I am glad to learn that you have done your papers well and that you are sure to get a first division.

Now you must be feeling free and relieved from all the cares and worries of examination. I think this is an appropriate time to renew my standing invitation to you to spend your vacation here with us.

I am sure your visit to this hill station will do you immense good. The charm­ing scenery of the hills and the delightful walks in the parks will refresh you.

I have also invited Mohan to spend his vacation here. We shall spend some days in our apple orchard.


Now days the trees are full of beautiful flowers before apples to grow. We shall go together for trek­king and enjoy the beauties of nature. I am quite sure you will enjoy your stay here. Please let me know when you are reaching here.

I hope you will not disappoint me. Hoping to hear from you soon.

I am

Yours most sincerely,



A reply to the above invitation

2/32 Nehru Nagar



26th June, 2……

My dear Atul,

Thanks for your kind letter of 26th instant inviting me to spend my vacation with you. It is extremely good to think so kindly of me. I shall be really glad to come to your place and enjoy your pleasant company.

I should have liked to leave for Shimla almost immediately, had father not been out of station. He is away on business tour and is not expected back before a week.


You know I have to look after business in his absence. As soon as he is back here, I shall inform you about the date and time when I shall be reaching Shimla.

It is really good news that Mohan is also coming to spend his vacation with you. He will prove an ideal companion. I am thrilled to think of the delightful time that we shall have together.

Please convey my best regards to your parents.

Thanking you for the kind invitation once again and hoping to meet you soon.


I am

Yours most sincerely,