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My dear Rakesh,

I have been shocked to learn from your letter that you failed in your examination. It is really ill luck and nothing else. I was very confident about your success and from the way you were devoting your attention to studies, I thought you might pass with distinction.


It is said that man proposes and God disposes. What a shock the news of your failure might have brought to your parents. They were thinking of arranging a seat for you in the best of the Colleges in the city, but your failure must have dashed all their aspirations.

Failure or success comes by chance. You should not give way to despair or disappointment. Personally I feel that you are not to blame for your failure. You were quite sincere in your studies and you did your best. You should, therefore, get over any feeling of initial disappointment without losing any time and take courage. The best way to conquer sorrows, as you know, is to take them very lightly and be prepared to try again. I hardly need to add that you would do well next year.

Please pay my respects to your parents and convey my feeling of sympathy to them.

Yours sincerely