Write a letter to your friend describing a campaign against the dowry system in which you took an active part

My dear Gopi,

I hope you will be in high spirits. Let me here describe a campaign against the dowry system, we started in our school. The students of XI class took the initiative in this campaign. I organized it with the help of my teachers. In this noble cause I got full cooperation of the parents also.

Last Sunday, we took out a procession from the school. It marched through the main bazar of the area. Many students were carrying placards’ which read ‘Down with Dowry System’. ‘Dowry is an Evil’ and ‘Dowry seekers are the enemies of humanity’, etc.


When the procession passed through the main bazar, a large number of people collected on both sides of the road. Many young boys and girls joined us. The procession ended in a local park where a meeting was held. Many young leaders came to us m condemning the dowry system. I made a short speech, in which I said that the Dowry system was a slur on our nation. In the end I was appreciated by all present there for starting a campaign against this social vice in my area. I am sure; in the other area of the city such campaigns will be started actively.

Remember me to all.

Yours sincerely.