Write a letter to your friend declining the acceptance of the invitation, giving your reason for not attending


29 Curzon Road Patna


My dear Gautam


Thank you very much for your kind invitation for a party at your house, on the 1st of December. I received your letter just yesteiday and I realised that, I would not be able to attend the party.

You know that, my brother is out to the United States of America, for the last two years. After full two years he is coming home and it is on the 1st only that he is landing here, after a stop over at Delhi. I have to go to receive him at the Patna airport, as Daddy is out of station. Due to this compulsion, I will not be able to come, though I would have just loved to. I hope you understand my inability and excuse me for the same. Do remember me to all our friends in the party which I will be very grudgingly missing. I wish you all enjoy to your heart’s content.

With best wishes for a gala time on the 1st of December

My regards to elders and your brother with love your friend



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