My dear Ashutosh

Yesterday you did not come to school, and neither did you come today. When I did not see you in your class today, I asked your sister as to why you had not come to school. She told me that your mother is not keeping well so you had to stay back home to look after her. Ashu, please do let me know how Aunty is now and also what was amiss?

In case you want any help from my family please do not hesitate from asking for the same. My mother also wants to know if you need her help in the house while your mother is not well. Since we are friends, I would like to be of help to you when you need me.

Ashu keep heart I know how important Mummy is to all of us, but sickness is also a part of life. I am sure Aunty will soon be on her toes once again. Please do inform as to what happened to her and how she is progressing. My parents and I will come to see you one day very soon. Till then keep your nerves and pray to God. HE always helps us all, in times of worries.


Hoping that Aunty Recovers soon convey my regards to her and uncle

With best wishes your friend