My dear Sunny

We reached Bombay in the middle of December ’99, and I had been to the school here to complete all the formalities of admission here. Here, also I have joined a branch of the same school, the Delhi Public School, which has its branches in several towns of the country.

It is so surprising that I feel very lonely here. The environment is the same, studies the same, uniform the same yet, I wonder why I feel very lonely and upset here. I do not have a single friend like you over here. Yes of course I have been here for just fifteen days, and, to find a friend this period is very short. I sometimes do wonder if I will ever again pick up a fine friend like you. How we used to be together all the while, in studies, on the playground, on outings and now, I am absolutely alone. Life is very dull without a friend, I realise this fact now, as never before. I find no companions here. It is not that, there are no good children here but, to find one who clicks with me and likes me as much as I like him will be a time taking process.


I often remember how you and I just met at a party, after being in the same class for over two years and somehow we clicked just that day. That was the D-Day when you and I became friends, never to part. This gives me some hope that, one day over here also I will come across a friend like you. I thus will not lose hope and keep my eyes open for a friend, and this will give me the strength of never to lose hope. I assure you a friend like you will add to the charm of my life and add to the list of my treasured friends in which you are the first.

Regarding school the studies are the same as in Delhi. Here also they prepare the children for the CBSE examination. When I go to the Xth Standard next year, I do not expect any problem in studies. People are also fine but there are too many Maharashtrians, naturally after all it is their State. Everything else is as usual both at home and in school – the only problem with me is that I miss you a lot, and am not able to reconcile to life without you. I do hope I get over it soon, and become normal in every way. Do write back. I shall be waiting to hear from you. I am sure a regular correspondence from your side will keep my spirits high. So I am sure you will write back at your earliest convenience, and tell me about all that happens in Delhi.

Remember me to all our common friends, and convey my regards to your parents.

With love