Write a letter to your father who, is staying abroad; giving him some news about the home affairs


My dear father,

We received your letter yesterday. A letter from you is always a source of great joy for us. In the letter you have told us many things about your present life and the new place, you are living in. Now I wish to tell you whatever is going on here.

It will give you great pleasure to learn that ………………… (Your sister name) has passed the examination securing second position in the class. ………………… (Your younger brother) has also passed. But his health is very weak these days. Last week he had a severe attack of fever and remained confined to bed for about five days. The doctor advises him complete rest for the next three or four days.


Last week I had met with an accident. The injuries were minor and due to proper looking after, I am better now. Only that I have become a little weaker. Mother is always remembering you. She is all right and taking proper care of ours.

Father, Life is really full of happy and sad incidents. So, one should not take anything seriously.

Do go writing a letter to us once a week.

With greatest love and regard


Yours affectionately

Your Name

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