Write a letter to your father who does not wish that you should continue to study further after your Senior Secondary Examination. Tell him that you would like to study for your Degree Examination


20/6, Kirti Nagar


20th June, 2….


My dear Father,

I was shocked to learn from your letter that you do not want me to study further after passing my Senior Secondary examination.

I do not understand what has made you to change your mind all of a sudden. Earlier you expressed many a time that you would like to see me at least a graduate.

You have written in your letter that it would be a sheer waste of energy, time and money, if I went in for higher education.


After passing the Senior Secondary Examination, I shall hardly be in a position to choose a good profession for myself.

I can only think of a clerical job in some petty office. But I have no taste for it. As for business, I am too young to take to it.

I want to be a graduate at least, so that I may be able to carve out a bright career for myself. After passing my B.A., I shall be able to give a much better account of myself.

I hope these views of mine will surely make you change your mind arid you will permit me to join some good college at Delhi.


With great regards to dear mother and love to Goloo.

Yours affectionately,


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