Examination Hall


11th March, 2

My dear father


I have received the pocket money and your letter in which you have advised me to take care of my health.

In fact, I have been working most diligently for the last two months. As a result of my hard labour I have secured above sixty percent marks in every subject in the home examinations. I fully hope I shall fare well in the annual examination also.

I hope you will not mind if I draw your attention to my financial difficulties. I have to buy certain useful help books and stationery from time to time.

The pocket allowance I got from you does not last till the end of the month. I am not left with enough money to buy fruit and milk. I am fully aware of your growing expenditure. You have to support a large family. But it is a matter of couple of months.


I hope you will increase my pocket allowance, in case it does not cause you much inconvenience.

Regards to Mataji and love to Sonu.

Yours affectionately,