My dear Father,

I am glad to inform you that I have done quite well at the S.S.C. Examination which is just over. However, I intend to stay on here for two more weeks and sit for the competitive examination held by the U.RS.C. To select students for the National Defence Academy, Khadakavasla. Will you permit me to join the N.D.A., if I am lucky enough to be selected by the U.P.S.C.?

I am intensely interested in military training and in a career in the Army. With frequent threats of aggression from neighbouring countries like Pakistan and China, the defence of India has become a very important matter. It is the duty of young men to enrol themselves as soldiers and officers in the Army. However, I confess that patriotism is not my only motive in desiring to join the Army. I think that a military officer gets a good salary and facilities like .a decent house and so on. As regards the risk to life in this career, it is as much or as little as in any other professions.

Another important point is that you will not have to spend anything on my training at the Defence Academy. Now-a-days higher education involves heavy expenditure and you will be relieved of the economic burden on that score from whatever point of view I look at it, I see no reason why you or mummy should object to my choosing a career I have set my heart on. Please let me know your views in this regard, and I shall abide by them. With love to mother and everyone at home.


Yours affectionately,