Dear Father,

I am really very grateful to you for sending me Rs. 1000/- per month for tuition fee and other expenses.

Dear father, I hope you will not mind if I request you to increase the monthly allowance to at least Rs.1200/- from the next month. The reason is that our monthly tuition fee has been increased from Rs.80/- to Rs.100/- from the next month. The rate of per diet at the mess has been enhanced from Rs.8/- to Rs. 10/-. Even the rate of tea per cup has been increased from Re. 1/- to Rs. 1.50. The washer man is demanding Rs. 1.50 instead of Re. 1- per suit. Similarly, there is an all-round escalation in the rate of all the articles and services.

I know, father, yours is a hard-earned money. But, you know, I do not waste a single penny. I have no bad habit. I devote my full attention to my studies. I am confident after completing my studies, I shall earn a lot of money and our days of poverty will be over.


Respects to mamma.