Write a letter to your father requesting him to allow you to continue your studies instead of joining his business


Dear Father,

I have just received your affectionate letter. You have advised me to work hard for my ensuing examination and to join your business after Senior Secondary Certificate.

Father, I assure you I am working very hard. Our XII class examination is approaching fast. I am sure; I shall come off with flying colours.


As for joining your business, I disagree with you. I want to become an engineer and join some service as such. There are many ups and downs in business. A businessman is always in tension day in and day out as the bureaucrats are on his nerves. Market trends take a heavy toll of his nervous energy. In service, man has a fixed income and is carefree.

Even if I later on decide to join your business, I must at least be a graduate. An undergraduate has no place under the sun in the present world. I shall be able to run the business much better as a graduate than as an undergraduate.

Therefore, I hope you will kindly allow me to continue my studies after completing my senior secondary certificate.

With deep regards for mamma.


Yours affectionately.


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