Write a letter to your father or guardian requesting his permission to enter a technical college or institution instead of entering an Arts or Science college


Address: …………………..

Date: ………………………

My dear father,


You will be glad to know that in a couple of days our examination will be over and we will be free from all worries of the school. I hope to get about 60 per cent marks in every subject except for Hindi and English.

For a number of days I have been thinking over my future. I hope you remember when last I was with you about a couple of months ago; you were kind enough to give me permission to go in for higher studies. Last night when I met my teacher to seek his advice on the matter, he was in favour of my joining a technical institution.

I have always stood first in Drawing and Mathematics. These subjects can be of very great help in making me a competent engineer. In arts subjects I have never fared very nicely because I have little interest in them. As such these cannot be chosen with advantage in life. Moreover, a course in engineering would be the best career now-a-days judging from the need of the hour.

My teacher told me that if I go to Roorkee I shall need Rs 150 per month for my expenses. This sum includes lodging, boarding, tuition fees, books etc. In other places, perhaps I may need more. Therefore, I think it will be proper to join the college at Roorkee.


Though I do not feel that you will disappoint me by refusing permission to me to take admission to such an expensive institution, yet I must keep before you all the pros and cons of the matter. I hope you would kindly allow me to pursue my studies in the field of my choice and make a successful career.

Respect to mother and love to Ashok and Rita.

Yours affectionately

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