Write a letter to your father informing him about the bad condition of the hostel


Respected Papa,

This is my first letter to you after I went to stay in my school hostel. As this is my first opportunity to be away from you and family naturally I am a little homesick, though my room­mates try to encourage and cheer me. In the beginning everything was alright. I tried to devote my precious time to studies with my room-mates.

But now it is embarrassing to continue in this hostel because some indisciplined rouge have got admission. They always create nuisance. The condition of the mess is deteriorating day by day. There is nothing good in the present situation of the hostel. We have tried to convince the warden towards this condition but he has not taken any action. Now I don’t want to continue here any more. Please come and take me out.


Yours affectionately,

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