Write a letter to your elder brother telling him what you plan to do after passing the inter Examination


Govt. Inter College


20th Mar., 2


My dear Brother,

The Inter Examination will be over on the 20th instant. I hope to pass it with credit.

I have decided to join the Govt. College, Bilaspur. After passing F.Sc (Medical Group) Examination I shall join the M.P Medical College, Bhopal. I intend to qualify as a physician and surgeon. I have my own reasons for selecting the medical profession.

Doctors are very useful members of the society. They serve the sick and the wounded. They save mankind from pain and death.


After passing the M.B.B.S. Examination I shall set up as a doctor in a rural area; for there is a great need for doctors in villages.

Beside, the medical profession is noble and honourable. A doctor is held in high esteem everywhere.

He can earn money if he so de­sires. By becoming a doctor I shall serve the suffering humanity and earn a lot of money.

I hope you will approve of my choice.


With every kind regard.

Yours affectionately,

Shyam Singh

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