Write a letter to your best a consolation letter to your friend on his mother’s death

My dear Satish,

I am shocked to learn that your beloved mother is no more. She had, no doubt, been keeping an indifferent health for some time past, but who could have imagined that the end would come so soon. Believe me, friend, I do not find adequate words to condole you.

Your mother was a noble and pious lady. She had a heart full of affection and sympathy for others. Death has struck a severe blow. It is a personal loss to me. She regarded me as her own son. I cannot forget the love she showered on me.


But it is no use grieving. We have to gather strength to bear the misfortunes of life calmly. It is, indeed, a tearful divine judgment against which we have no appeal. So it is useless to give way to despair. What cannot be cured must be endured.

May God grant peace to the departed soul and give you strength to bear the loss.

In deepest sympathy

Your sincerely,