Write a letter to the Secretary, N. M. Wadia trust, requesting that a scholarship be awarded to you



The Secretary,

N. M. Wadia Trust,


120, Dadabhai Naoroji Road,



With reference to your announcement in the ‘Times of India’ dated 1oth June, 2001, regarding the award of scholarships to deserving students, I wish to state as follows:


I passed the S.S.C. Examination this year, scoring distinction marks (80 %), and securing the tenth rank in the Maharashtra State. My academic career has been consistently good.

I desire to join a college and take the Science Course. But my father’s financial position (he is a primary school teacher, earning Rs.4500/- per month) does not permit me to continue my education. I request that one of the scholarships of your Trust be awarded to me.

I am seventeen years old. I enclose copies of testimonials from the Principal and some teachers of my school.

Yours faithfully,



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