With due respect, I wish to draw your kind attention and solicit your help with respect to certain issues.

As you know, our village Baiju is one of the most backward villages in the State. Most of the inhabitants are illiterate besides being poor. So, they are not aware of eye care. In addition, they can’t afford the expenses of visiting the nearby town and get their eyes checked. They are so poor that they can’t afford nutritious food, which leads to various complexities of life. Besides, a number of malpractices are prevailing in this village. As a result, many villagers have lost their eyesight. All the more alarming is the fact that a number of children are suffering from defective eye-sight.

So, I earnestly request you to organise a ten-day camp in our locality. We the villagers will render all possible help to make it a success. I am sure you will consider our case on priority basis.


Yours faithfully,