Sub: Poor sanitary conditions of the area and the colony at large

The work of the MCD is to maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of the town. However I am grieved to see the condition of sanitation at least in my colony and specially Pocket C.

There is rubbish strewn everywhere the eye moves on, whether it be the lanes or the main roads all are equally dirty. This clearly implies that, the sweepers are not sweeping at all. Besides this, the condition of sanitation is in no better shape, it is absolutely miserable. All the drains are clogged and choked and the covers that are removed to clean the drains are never put back in their places, thus leaving gaping drains. Another thing to be seen is that, when the rubbish and slush is removed from the drains, it is all deposited on the road to dry up and to return to the drain with the help of wind. This makes the colony look so very dirty. Besides looking dirty, the residents of the colony are apt to contract any disease related to dirt, in this circumstance.


Kindly see that your sweepers work regularly and to completion. I shall be highly obliged if greater care is taken about sanitation in the colony, before it is too late and it is attacked by some germs in the form of an epidemic.

Hoping for an early response

Yours faithfully