Subject: Environmental Pollution

Our earth is a paradise if we live on it in a sensible way; otherwise it is the other name of hell. Unfortunately, at present, man is misusing the resources of the earth which can spell a doom for his own existence. Air, soil, water and space all are getting polluted.

Air pollution is taking place because of mindless felling down of trees and poisonous emissions from chimneys of factories and automobiles. Excessive use of insecticides and pesticides is causing soil pollution. Poisonous elements are finding their way to the food- grains and milk.


Water channels like rivers and canals are getting polluted due to the release of highly deleterious effluents into them by the industrial units. Even sea water is getting polluted. Tons of debris from hurtling space-ships is polluting the space. Experimental nuclear explosions and leakages from nuclear plants also cause atmospheric pollution.

Quite another type of pollution is the noise pollution. It is caused by loud-speakers, factory buzzers, vehicular horns, high pitch of T. V. sets and radios and noises in streets and markets. Noise pollution can cause great injury to our delicate nerves. In fact, all kinds of pollution are harmful to man in more than one ways.

It is high time that man gives attention to the hazard of pollution of all kinds. Otherwise, there may be not only wide-spread epidemics, but even his existence on this planet may be in danger.

Thanking you