Write a letter to the Chief Engineer U.P.S.E. Board complaining against the frequent breakdown of electricity in your town


32, Indira Puram


13th March, 2… -I



The Chief Engineer,

U P. State Electricity Board, Gaziabad.



I would like to draw your kind attention to the intermittent failures of electric supply in the city of Indira Puram which is an important com­mercial city of Uttar Pradesh. Electric failures virtually paralyze the in­dustrial activity in the town.

For instance workers in the 1,500 industrial units of the town remain without work causing a great loss to the indus­trial output of the country.

Regular supply can be easily maintained as it is the negligence of the staff which is responsible for these frequent failures of electricity in the city. It is not properly checked.

We hope that you will be kind enough to remove this difficulty. Please direct your staff to be careful in the discharge of their duties. Thanking you.


Yours faithfully,

Manish Kohli

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