Write a letter to the Chairman of your municipality, complaining about insanitary in your locality

Sub: Insanitary Condition of the “Place Name”.

Dear Sir,

I beg to draw you kind attention to the insanitary condition of my locality. The people of Vikas Nagar are feeling miserable. There is no sewage system in this area. Gutters are open. Often the dirty water is flowing on the roads and lanes. The heaps of dirt and garbage lying here and there have not been removed for weeks. Rain water collects in them and mosquitoes breed there in large numbers.


If immediate attention is not paid to improve the situation, some epidemic may break out soon.

I, therefore, request you to take effective steps to improve the insanitary condition in the locality. There is no need to remind you that it is the duty of your department to look after the health and hygiene of the people and the area.

Expecting an immediate action!