My dear Father,

Thank you so much for your kind and loving letter and a bank draft for Rs. 9,000. The money sent by you would have been sufficient, but it is not now because of the proposed tour to Bangalore, Mysore, Ooty etc., in the forthcoming Autumn Break. This educational tour is compulsory for all XII class students, as it is their final year in this school. Therefore, please send me immediately Rs. 2,500 more. I may once again assure you that I am making the best possible use of every single paisa.

In view of the proposed educational tour, I shall not be able to come home during these autumn holidays. And so 1 will miss you all so much. On Dussehra we will be in Mysore and have the opportunity to witness the famous Dussehra Celebrations. I shall also have the chance to visit the well-known Vrindavan Gardens near Mysore.

I am working hard and concentrating on my studies, and hope to be one of the top successful examinees. I want to improve considerably my score in comparison to X class. However, the aggregate percentage in X class Board Examination was 85%, no mean achievement by any standard.


All my teachers are well-satisfied with my work, progress and conduct. They are specially coaching and preparing a batch of 10 students for the final examination. And I am one of these students. Among these selected 10 students, 1 rank second or third. But I am determined to be number one in the final examination.

I hope you are in the best of your health and spirit, and so is dear mother. How is Kenta? She should be her U5 dual ‘naughty doll’. Lot of my love and affection to her.

With best of my compliments to mamma, I look forward to your early reply and another bank-draft.

Your obedient son,