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My dear Pankaj,

I am in receipt of your letter and a copy of your photograph Believe me I was so glad to look at your photograph that I showed it to my friends and parents. I really wish we were able to meet each other sometime in life.


You have expressed a desire to know about my school. I give below a brief account of my school.

The name of my school is our Lady of Fatima Convent. It is situated at a distance of a mile from my house. It has a built-in-area of 2,000 square yards. Every room contains simple furniture. It has a big playground, a garden, a laboratory and a library.

The school was started Twenty years ago. It’s Principal (Father) is a very well-known academician who has been to England as a teacher for several years. He takes great interest in teaching his students. He always stresses the importance of punctuality and discipline which, he says, English children learn in their nursery. His motto is: hard work nigh character. He calls meetings every Saturday and gives a gist English life and society. It is through his efforts that our school has become a model institution.

Our teachers are equally interested in teaching us. They give due importance to sports. They give us all facilities to do hard practice. It is as such that our school is second to none even in the field of sports.


Once a month outdoor rallies are organised. We are taught how to move in society. How to face great dangers without losing courage. In fact the lessons of a lifetime importance are a part of our syllabus.

Scouting is another feature of our school. Our P.T.I, always stresses the importance of building up high character in a highly developed body. Rallies and jamborees are organised off and on we get instruction as well as recreation.

Please pay my best regards to your parents. I am enclosing a copy of my photograph as desired by you. I do not know to which of your friends you will show it but please do not show it to your parents otherwise they will make a fun of you for having chosen an ill-figured boy like me as your pen friend.

Your sincere friend,