Write a Letter of Condolence on the Death of Your Friend’s Mother


My dear Bhandari,

I have just heard the sad news of your dear mother’s death last Sunday. I know how deeply she loved you, and you almost worshipped her. It is really a great and irrepairable loss to you and to your family. I will also miss her so much. Whenever I visited your house, she fed me with home made delicious sweets with great affection. Your suffering is shared by me besides many other near and dear ones to you.

I hope you can draw some strength in the knowledge that your mother had a full life and saw you progressing so well in your career. Moreover, you served her to the best of your ability during her protracted illness. For the sake of your aged father, you must be brave to bear this tragic loss. Comfort him as best as you can. My parents are also very sad to know of your mother’s passing away. They wish her soul eternal rest and peace in heaven.


Please accept my heart-felt condolences and sympathy at this hour of sorrow.

Yours very sincerely,

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