Write a Letter of Complaint against Poor Performance of a Cooler


Dear Sir,

I bought a Himalaya brand cooler, Model Mo. 101, a fortnight ago from you, with one year warranty. But I am sorry to inform you that it is not giving trouble-free and satisfactory service at all. Its cooling-power is hopelessly poor and its water-indicator does not work at all.

The cooler also makes much noise which causes disturbance, and one cannot rest or sleep in peace. The water is leaking. It seems there is some very fine hairline break in the tank causing this leakage.


I think that you should replace it with a trouble-free.

Perfect new piece, instead of rectifying these mistakes and defects. Please send replacement piece immediately as it is very hot these days, and without a cooler working satisfactorily we are feeling very uncomfortable.

I take a very poor view of this sorry situation as you made very tall claims when selling it to me, about its efficiency and cooling-efficacy. I am enclosing photocopies of the cash memo and the warranty-card for your ready reference. I recommended it to one of my friends just a few days back as he wanted to buy one for himself. But now I regret to have done so. I hope he has not purchased this brand of cooler yet from you.

However, I would very much appreciate the dispatch of a replacement cooler.


Yours sincerely,

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