Write a letter of complaint against a bus conductor


D-14 Vivekanand Puri


16th May, 2…..



The Traffic Officer Delhi Transport Corporation Scindia House New Delhi

Subject: Conductor’s misbehaviour

Dear Sir,


I wish to draw your kind attention to the misbehaviour of a bus conductor while I was travelling from Railway Station to INA Colony on ticket No. A 262626 at 1.15 A.M. on May 12, 2002.

It happened like this. While I tried to board the bus at station, he pushed me aside physically. On the contrary, he allowed one of his acquaintances to get in.

When I protested he rained abuses on me. I have got the address of two eye witnesses to the incident. I may re­quest them to see you, if you so like.

I, therefore, request you to take a stern action against the conduc­tor. I may also be informed about it.


Yours very truly,

Varun Goyal

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