Dear Janmejaya,

I don’t know how to apologize for not keeping a date with you yesterday evening. You might have waited at the Centre Court Motel. I am really sorry, but was helpless. It so happened that some very important guests dropped in unexpectedly. As father is out of station, I had to attend and look-after them. But all that while, my mind and thoughts were with you.

Unfortunately, our telephone was out of order yesterday and still the fault has not been rectified. Mad it not been out of order, I would have tried to contact you at the hotel through the receptionist.

Please forgive me. Let us meet next Sunday, at the same hotel and the same time, that is, 7 p.m. I promise to be there in time. I have so many things to discuss with you including my trip to Jaipur next month. Moreover, I have a very interesting and top secret to share with you, but you, will have to wait till next Sunday.


I look forward to see you and shake you by the hand on the Sunday next, unless I hear from you.

Yours Sincerely