Write a farewell letter of thanks to the Headmaster school on leaving scho’ol to join college


Address: ……………..

Date: …………………….



May I inform you that I have succeeded in getting admission to St. Stephen’s College Delhi? The rush of admission-seekers was so heavy that at one stage I had lost all hopes of getting admission.

When I appeared before the Admission Committee for an interview I requested the members of the Committee just to go through the certificate which you were so kind to award me at the time of my leaving the school. The certificate had the desired effect and finally I was admitted without talking the trouble of answering the questions.

Believe me, Sir; I cannot thank you by words alone. You have been always so kind and generous to me that I will never forget. It was really our good luck that you came to be the head of our school. In these times it is ordinarily not possible to have at the head of institutions persons with a broad outlook on life and a sense of duty. You always took a real interest in the welfare of students and teachers. All these generosities when recalled make the idea of parting with you very painful. Yet part we must.

I therefore, write this to express my heartfelt thanks to you, and to other teachers of my school with whom I had a year’s long association.


Yours obediently,

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