Address: ………………….

Date: ……………………..

My dear Arjun,

I am in receipt of your letter and have noted its contents. I am happy that you are progressing well, and that your fever has subsided. Personally I feel you will be all right within a week.


You have been ill for over a month. Naturally you might have grown much weaker. After the doctor has declared complete recovery to you, please write to me. I propose to come to you and bring you here in Simla so that you may be able to recover your health completely.

I need not say that Simla is a great health resort. I have no doubt that the climate of this place will have the most beneficial effect upon your health. You remember last year we cultivated our garden and now flowers of various colors and smells are blossoming all around. A small rivulet flows down the mountain near our bungalow and I properly every morning and evening in your company. When you pick up strength we will go out sightseeing and enjoy life among the simple folks living in distant valleys.

I have stopped visiting cinemas. When you come over here I will make up for this loss in your company. The best of cinema-halls here are a thing of beauty and joy.

Last night when I talked about you to my mother she was very to learn that you are progressing. Believe me, we are all anxiously looking forward to hearing from you the news of your complete recovery


Please inform me as soon as possible. Pay my respects to your dear mother and father.

Your sincere friend,