Short Paragraph for kids on my Ambition in Life


Man is ambitious by nature. Everybody has an ambition in his life. Ambition gives us aim. It gives us a sense of direction in life. My ambition is to become an ideal teacher. I can serve my people by becoming an ideal teacher. A true teacher is the builder of the nation. I shall try to mould the character of my students. I will make them ideal citizens. I shall also help them in choosing their careers. As an ideal teacher, I must have a high moral character. I shall be punctual, disciplined, humble, efficient and righteous. A good profession is its own reward. Most of the people choose a profession which can give them maximum money. My own ambition is not in this category. Wealth, power and possessions do not attract me. My aim is to serve my country. I hope I can serve my people by becoming an ideal teacher. I shall produce able citizens. This will be the greatest prize for a true and ideal teacher.

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